2019 WFRS Regional Convention Itinerary

April 27, 2019 Day 1

The registration desk is open from 12:00 a.m. at the lobby of Nanyang Holiday Inn Hotel. Participants are all accommodated here.

Nanyang Holiday Inn Hotel

April 28, 2019 Day 2

Morning: the opening ceremony at Nanyang Rose Garden

Afternoon: four lectures at the conference room of the hotel

Evening: a council meeting of Chinese Rose Society

April 29, 2019 Day 3

Morning: four lectures

Afternoon: a city tour-Wuhou Temple and Art Museum of Han Dynasty Stone Carvings

Wuhou Temple

Art Museum of Han Dynasty Stone Carvings

Evening: a WFRS committee meeting

April 30, 2019 Day 4

Morning: a garden tour-Nanyang Rose Garden and Rose Expo Garden

Afternoon: four lectures

Evening: the closing ceremony and gala dinner

May 1, 2019 Day 5

Morning: a visit to Shan-Shaan Guildhall in Sheqi County

Shan-Shaan Guildhall in Sheqi County

Afternoon: a visit to Neixiang Local Magistrate Office, one of the well-preserved county-level government office in ancient China and a visit to Zhenping International Jade City on the way back

Neixiang Local Magistrate Office

Zhenping International Jade Center

Evening: a farewell party at Nanyang Holiday Inn Hotel